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 Mouth Mirrors

 Scalpel Handles

 Sterilizing Trays

 Explorers Endodontic Ins..

 Periodontal Pocket Probes

 Explorers Probes

 Filling Instrumets

 Plastic Filling Instruments

 Plastic Filling Instruments Amalgam carvers

 Amalgam Carvers

 Cavity Preparation Instuments


 Excavators English Pattern

 Periodontia Instruments

 Bone Files

 Bone Curettes Periodontia Ins..

 Filing Instruments Tin Coated

 Wax And Modelling Carvers

 Periodontia Instruments Scalers

 Cement Spatulas

 Wax Knives

 Spatulas For Plaster

 Extracting Forceps (Eng P)

 Extracting Forceps (C - P)

 Wisdom Teeth Extracting Forceps

 Tooth Extracting Forceps American Pattern

 Root Splinter Forceps

 Bone Rongeurs

 Root Elevators

 Tissue Pliers

 Cotton And Dressing Pliers

 Gum Scissors

 Surgical Scissors

 Needle Holders

 Dressing & Tissue Forceps

 Haemostatic Forceps

 Sponge And Dressing Forceps

 Towel Clamps Sterilizing

 Skin Hook & Retractors




 Chisels & Gouges

 Rubber Dam Instruments

 Rubber Dam Kit Articulators

 Rubber Dam Clamps


 Amalgam Carriers

 Cartridge Syringes

 Chip Blowers, Water Syringes

 Matrix Retainers

 Crown Instruments

 Crown Removers

 Crown Instruments Plaster Cutting Plier

 Stainless Steel Impression Trays


 Stainless Steel Trays

 Tooth Extracting Forceps For Childrens With Spring

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