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  Our Valued Clients

Power Web is in the business of website designing, hosting, software development and catalog printing since 1998. We have more than 800 regular clients. Below is list of our few valued clients.


    Our Valued Clients

   Hilbro Group
   Hilbro International (Pvt) Ltd.
   Miryousaf (Pvt) Ltd.
   Dr. Frigz (Pvt) Ltd.
   Tinopal Surgical (PVt) Ltd.
   Five-B Sporting Goods
   Durus Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
   Pokal Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
   Limton (Pvt) Ltd.
   Toyota Sialkot Motors
   Kapoor Sons
   EM Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
   Hero Martial Arts Supplies
   Hi-Force Sports
   Nazir Leather Industries
   Proline Corporation
   Hammad Industries
   Cornerstone Corporation.
   Khalid Pipe Co.
   Beautitek International
   Propak Traders
   Naseem Art Enterprises
   NAE Sports
   Mission Sports
   Beau-Elite Products
   Euro Front International
   Euro Surgical
   Seasoned Surgical
   Fasmic International
   Flaming Surgical
   Sarwar Sports
   Fluent International
   Fortune Clipper Ent.
   Frienfa Industries
   Ghousia Amanat Surgical
   GIR Brothers Intl.
   Grace Collection
   Gratex Industries
   GSG Brothers
   Ibrahim Sports
    Our Valued Clients
   Saudi Arabian Airline Skt Off.
   Ghaus Pak Industries
   Sialkot Police Department
   Solehre Brothers Industries
   Zona Industries
   Trade Biz
   Qazi Studios
   Qaiser Electronics
   Ameri-Tek Inc.
   Ul-Amin Industries
   ISRA Sports
   Fambro Trading Corp.
   Junaid Pak Industries.
   KT Auto Parts
   Lasque Trading
   Maqsood Brothers
   Power Plus Sports
   Mir Khalid
   Jamil Industry
   MSS & Brothers
   NTZ Surgical
   Good Policy Sports
   Cyclone Industry
   Pak Rehman Ind.
   PNI Sports
   Pak Nightingale Industries
   Marshal Plus
   Rumel Sports
   Drax Collection
   Haxlay Industries
   Hard Target Inst.
   Sami Surgical
   Sabar Industries
   Quality Traders
   Rana and Sons
   Reccee International
   Reich International
   Reliant Instruments
    Our Valued Clients
   Sky Kings Travel (Pvt) Ltd.
   Cospo (Pvt) Ltd.
   MN Dad (Pvt) Ltd.
   Nurikon International
   Toor Enterprises
   Sabri Industries
   Lilo Sports
   Shafqaz Industries
   KS Zubair Leather Ind.
   Sprint Sports
   Tactic Top Sports
   Survico Industries
   All Star Sports
   Top Hand Embroidery Co.
   U-Surgical Industries
   West Way Badges Co.
   World Reach Enterprises
   AHM Surgical
   Ishaq Enterprises
   JSA International
   Shiner International
   Seven Eight Co.
   Amazing Industries
   Ziq International
   With Sports
   Victory Leather
   F.Zahid Surgical
   Sarwar Sports
   JK Industries
   Initial Sports

   Star Sports

   Perfect Health Supply
   Amer Traders
   RS Leather International
   STS Trading Corp.


   ARSW Sports
   4M International
   Welbrand Industries
   Ufaq Pak Industries
    Our Valued Clients
   Sign of Sialkot
   Saleem Co. Inc.
   Heinrich Medika Ltd.
   Sabo Surgical
   Roots International
   Wolmax International
   Amerimed Inc.
   Prospeed Motowears
   Shatz Traders
   Praise Corporation
   Paknorwagien International
   Biker Plus
   Selene Sports

   S. Bordo Surgical

   Sehar Batool International
   Ahmedpak Impex
   JSW Surgical
   Cogeant International
   Best Healthcare
   Medisize Surgical
   Asia Care + Tech
   Art Surgo
   ARS Sports
   Amrina Trading
   Allah Wahid Carsaz Co.
   AKF International
   AF Denim Industries
   AASI Enterprises
   A2Z Traders
   Potential Leather
   Panoply Sports
   Elite Leathers
   MAB Group
   Gulraiz International
   IKUE International
   Ring Fighter International
   NBD International
   Zona Star

and many more ......


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Website / Business Promotion

Catalog Printing

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Our Clients


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