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Art # K2-5123
Pliers Waldsachs 15cm

Art # K2-5124
Pliers Universal 16cm

Art # K2-5125
Pliers Nance 13.5

Art # K2-5126
Pliers Serrted Jaws 12cm

Art # K2-5127
Pliers How -14.5cm How-angled 14.5cm

Art # K2-5128
Pliers Arrow Clasp forming 12cm Arrow Clasp forming 12cm Arrow Clasp Bending 12cm

Art # K2-5129
Pliers 202-0023 Peeso 13.5cm 202-0024 Peeso 13.5cm 202-0025 14cm 202-0026 Langenbeck 14cm

Art # K2-5130
Langenbeck 14cm Jarabak 14cm Bending Plier 13cm Angle 12.5cm

Art # K2-5131
Pliers Andresen 13cm Bending Plier 13.5cm Schwarz 13.5cm Fischer 13cm

Art # K2-5132
Pliers Aderer 12cm

Art # K2-5133
Pliers Aderer-Heavy 12cm

Art # K2-5134
Pliers Tweed 14.5cm O'brien 13.5cm

Art # K2-5135
Pliers Wire bending pliers 12.5cm

Art # K2-5136
Pliers 202-0039 Adams 12.5cm -0040 Frevert 12.5cm -0041 Young 14cm

Art # K2-5137
Clasp Ferming 14cm

Art # K2-5138
Pliers Hard Wire Cutter 5-1/2'' (14cm)
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