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Art # SI-2143
De Bonding Plier Tc..

Art # SI-2144
Posterior Band Remover Long..

Art # SI-2145
Posterior Band Remover Small..

Art # SI-2146
Tweed Loop Forming Plier..

Art # SI-2147
How Plier..

Art # SI-2148
Jara Back Plier..

Art # SI-2149
Hard Wire Cutter (Tc Tip)..

Art # SI-2150
Pin & Ligature Cutter (Tc Tip)..

Art # SI-2151
Angled Direct Bond Bracket Remover..

Art # SI-2152
Weingart Utility Plier..

Art # SI-2153
Three Prong Clasps Adjusting Plier..

Art # SI-2154
Light Wire Plier..
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