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Art # SI-6483
Lister Bandage Scissors 9cm..

Art # SI-6484
Lister Bandage Scissors 11cm..

Art # SI-6485
Lister Bandage Scissors 14cm..

Art # SI-6486
Lister Bandage Scissors 18cm..

Art # SI-6487
Lister Bandage Scissors 20cm..

Art # SI-6488
Knowles Bandage Scissors Finger 14c..

Art # SI-6489
Smith US Army Gauze Scissors 16cm..

Art # SI-6490
Smith US Army Gauze Scissors 18cm..

Art # SI-6491
Smith US Army Gauze Scissors 20cm..

Art # SI-6492
Smith US Army Gauze Scissors 23cm..

Art # SI-6493
Maier Bandage Scissors 15cm..

Art # SI-6494
Schweizer Bandage Scissors 18cm..
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