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Art # SI-6911
Lahey Goitre Seizing Forceps 3x3T, ..

Art # SI-6912
Lahey Goitre Seizing Forceps 20cm..

Art # SI-6913
Mastin Thyroid Muscule Forceps left..

Art # SI-6914
Schoemaker Goitre Scissors cvd 15cm..

Art # SI-6915
Kocher Goitre (Thyroid) Dissector 1..

Art # SI-6916
Kocher Goitre Directors-Enucleator ..

Art # SI-6917
Kocher Goitre (Thyroid) Dissector w..

Art # SI-6918
Kocher Goitre Directors-Enucleator ..

Art # SI-6919
Kocher Enucleator narrow 18cm..
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